Terry can testify to the light of God’s amazing grace.

Not long ago, Terry called Victory In Grace from Manitoba, Canada. After a life filled with abuse, she was searching for peace and truth. Her desire was to talk to one of our pastors in hopes of finding answers to her many questions.

When our operator spoke to Terry about salvation, more doubts and questions began to surface. To her, salvation seemed to be a confusing subject. She had spent most of her life lost in the darkness of Satanism. Although those around her were content to live in confusion, Terry wanted something better, so she began searching for the one, true God.

After seeing the destructive ways of Satanism, Terry longed for peace. In her search for answers, she visited churches that reminded her too much of her past, and she saw firsthand the confusion which results from other religions. Terry continued to search for the truth.

Her lifelong search finally ended when one of our operators shared with her the glorious plan of salvation. For the first time, she understood Who the one, true God was and what He had done for her on the cross.

Terry trusted Christ. Brimming with excitement, she shared that the plan of salvation was different from anything she had ever heard before. Her darkness had been scattered and replaced with the beautiful light of God’s truth.

Article by Stephanie Scialabba