You can’t put a cash value on a conversion. An evangelist preached in a week-long series of revival meetings at a church, but had only won a single convert. After the evangelist had concluded the revival, the church deacons gathered together to discuss what he should be paid. Most of the deacons agreed on the amount, but one complained the figure was excessive due to the fact the only convert was a seven-year-old boy. To this, a large, burly deacon rose to his feet and said, “Gentlemen, I will gladly reimburse you if you think the amount too large. That 7-year-old is my son.”

The evangelist had done his job, and he had done it well. God rewarded his preaching with one convert. Should there have been more people saved at the revival? Was the evangelist to blame? Not necessarily. God knew what He was doing when He impressed upon the little boy his need for salvation.

Most Christians would savor the opportunity to win a multitude to Christ in one sitting, but the reality is this very seldom occurs. Mass evangelism works in some settings, but we must be careful about setting our expectations too high and measuring our success in numbers. Our primary responsibility is to sow the seeds of the gospel. God will give the increase as He sees fit. At the end of our lives, our reward will not be a lump sum of money but eternal treasure in Heaven.

What is the value of a soul? It is worth the life of the Son of God. As my father says, it is worth more than the entire world. If you truly believe this, then you will treat every individual with love and respect. You will consider every contact an opportunity for evangelism. Like the angels in Heaven, you will give thanks over every sinner who puts his faith in Christ. Be faithful to sow the seed, and God will take care of the harvest.


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Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.