Today’s Scripture: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

The famous evolutionist, Charles Darwin, once said, “A man about to be shipwrecked on some unknown coast will devoutly pray that the lesson of the missionary will have reached that far.”

Where the Gospel has not gone, civilization has not gone, and such a shipwrecked man will likely find himself the guest of honor at dinner. Not so long ago, the island nation of Fiji was a heathen island, a place where there was no recognition of the true God.

While most think of Fiji as a place of paradise, resorts, and beaches, it is actually a very poor nation. Once you get away from the beaches and into the towns and villages, you see that it is really about the same as the Philippines, India, or other places we have visited.

The truth is that Fiji would not have been a destination of tourists if the Gospel had not reached its shores. It was only around one hundred fifty years ago that cannibalism was still taking place.

In the 1970’s, my good friend, Dr. Carl Baugh, caught a vision for the nation of Fiji.  He began researching to find a missionary to support and discovered there were no Baptist missionaries in Fiji. Dr. Baugh went to Fiji without knowing anyone and he was able to preach the Gospel and win people to the Lord. Today, there are Baptist churches and colleges because of Dr. Baugh’s passion and commitment to Fiji.

Many times, people ask, “Well what about the heathen in Africa? How can God hold them accountable for hearing the Gospel?”

Friend, maybe you are the one that God wants to use to reach those lost souls. Has God placed a burden on your heart to win the lost at any cost? Maybe you cannot travel to the mission field due to health or physical limitations, but there are other ways you can support the spread of the clear Gospel of Jesus Christ. If God is placing a burden on your heart, do not ignore it. Do something about it today!

Devotional by Jim Scudder, Jr.