Today’s Scripture: Seek the Lord, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Psalm 105:4

I wonder how many of you tried one of my glowing facial secrets yesterday. Today, if you really want a glowing complexion, my new suggestion is phosphorous. Imagine walking down the street at night with that glow! Of course I am kidding, but no matter how old we are, we all love glow-in-the-dark don’t we? My little granddaughter, Willow, came into our room wearing a glow in the dark shirt. Even in the dark room, I could see her scurrying around and admiring the image on her t-shirt. But, after a little while, the bright glow of the shirt began to fade. It needed to absorb more light in order to recharge.

In Exodus chapter 34, something similar happened to Moses. When he returned from being face to face with God, his face was literally glowing. However, as time passed, his brilliant glow began to dim. I believe one of the reasons that he covered his face with the veil is because although the law was glorious, its purpose and place was diminishing, just like his glow. (Romans 7:6) The longer he went without being in the direct presence of the Lord, the less light radiated from his face.

Today, we are part of something that is ramping up and increasing in glory. Rather than sharing the law of the Ten Commandments, we get to tell about God’s saving grace and mercy. Therefore, we should radiate! Unfortunately, we tend to get bogged down with life. We begin to forget our purpose, neglect spending time with the Lord, and consequently, our glow starts to dim. It is important for us to remember that yesterday’s success doesn’t promise tomorrow’s victory. We have to stay close to the Lord each day no matter what our current circumstances are.

As believers, the joy of Christ radiates from us when we have been in communion with Him. If we can absorb and reflect the glow of God’s radiance, people will see something unique and wonderful in us—the love of God and His wonderful plan of salvation.

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.