Have you ever found yourself wondering who is really in control of your life?

As I look back over 40 years of ministry, I am reminded of many moments when it seemed like God delayed His provision. Sometimes it felt as though He would take me right to the edge of difficult circumstances before I could see His hand upholding me.

Friend, that edge is often right where He needs us. By going against all earthly reason and forsaking our own plans of success, God is able to give us blessings far greater than those we originally desired.

When our building was undergoing construction, I saw many unusual ways in which the Lord proved He was with us. One of my favorite memories is of a time when we were about to pour a large amount of concrete for our building. After I had prayed about the matter, we ordered the concrete truck to come on a specific day.

That morning I saw storm clouds gathering overhead. I was faced with the decision to either call off our plan to pour the concrete, which would cause us to lose thousands of dollars of already-mixed cement, or I could go ahead with our plans in faith that the Lord would hold back the rain. Against all human wisdom, I decided to go ahead and pour the concrete. To everyone’s amazement, it rained all around our property except on the concrete. Our building rests on that foundation to this day. To me, it is a testimony of a God Who never fails us.

Believer, you may be struggling with worries about your future or the health of a loved one. Perhaps you just lost your job. Whatever your situation, remember you serve a God Who is always in control. Commit your way to Him. Earthly wisdom and common sense will falter, but Jesus never fails.

Praising a God Who is in Control,

Dr. James A. Scudder