Morris Siegel was a homeless person who lived in Los Angeles. He roamed about in back alleys, sleeping out-of-doors, carrying everything he owned in an old shopping cart. He was found in an alley, dead of natural causes, perhaps heart trouble. It was found that Morris had $207,421 in the bank at the time of his death.

It seems that Morris’ father had died and left him the money ten years earlier. When Morris did not claim it, the Division of Unclaimed Property tracked him down, and his family forced him to accept it. He took only enough of the money to buy an old car, where he slept in bad weather. Relatives rented an apartment for him, but he never went there. He died December 14, 1989, with three dollars in his pocket and an untouched fortune in the bank.

Sometimes Christians live like spiritual “orphans.” They go through life unaware of the true fortune that awaits them in Heaven. While this doesn’t mean that we are guaranteed riches here on this earth, it does mean that we shouldn’t go around with “beware of the dog” signs on our faces. I have known many happy people throughout the years, and their feelings toward life didn’t have anything to do with their financial status. I’ve known poor people who were happy in Christ and rich people who were happy in Christ. I’ve also known the opposite. The truth is, our happiness doesn’t depend on the things of this world. We are happy people because we have a glorious hope.