The difference between a spiritual dwarf and a spiritual giant is like the difference between a plastic cup and a clay cup. They might not look much different, but at the heart they stand worlds apart. Let’s take a look at the delicate process a potter takes to make the clay into a masterpiece:

First the potter grabs a lump of clay from a pit in the ground, and he works it into a ball. Then he puts the lump on the stone potter’s wheel and gently starts to spin it. After dipping his hands in water, the potter applies pressure to the clay and molds it into the shape he wants.

But then the wheel stops spinning. The potter examines the clay with his fingers and picks out a piece of grit which had been stuck in the cup. As the stone spins again, he smooths out the area which had the imperfection . . . until he finds another hard object in the clay. Removing this, he goes to work on the clay yet again. This process continues until the clay looks exactly like he wants it.

Unlike the plastic cup, which was quickly produced by being poured into a mold, the clay cup was the product of hours of detailed molding, breaking, and remaking by hand. The work which was invested in the clay gives it more value than the plastic.

The same is true of spiritual giants. While from the surface they look like ordinary Christians, their true strength lies at the heart. These individuals have experienced natural growth from the inside-out. God has taken time to mold, break, and remake them so that they stand tall and their character shines just as God intended. He has used the pressures and pains of life to instill them with value.

It is for this reason you should never sell your circumstances short. Never complain when your burden gets heavy or you stumble beneath its weight. Never give in when the going gets tough and you’re at the end of your rope. Never settle for taking the easy route. God is using these things to mold you into a spiritual giant. Humble yourself and submit to His hand, and the finished product will be beautiful.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder