Today’s Scripture: : For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Acts 20:29

Back when the prairies of North America were wild, an interesting observation was made from watching wild horses and wolves interact. The horses possessed a very keen sense of smell. They could smell the wolves from a far distance away. The horses were safe as long as they stayed aware of the potential danger the distant wolves threatened.

The wolves, however, learned a tactic that helped them catch their prey. In the distance, they would very casually and slowly get a little closer to the horses. They would wander a bit closer, and then retreat. They would playfully interact with other wolves, to give the appearance that they were just there – they weren’t interested in catching horses at the time.

When the horses saw that the wolves were just being playful,  they would let down their guard. The wolves would casually get a little closer, and when the horses least expected it, the “friendly” wolves would attack and get their meal.

Paul warned the elders from Ephesus about wolves that would enter into their church. If they let down their guard, these wolves would destroy them and their church.

We as Christians tend to be among the most naive people in the world, the reason being, we want to be trusting. I am not saying we ought not to show trust towards people, but we need to have a balance. The Bible says that we must mark and avoid those who cause division. (Romans 16:17)

If there is someone who is causing disunity in the church or is continuing in sin, rebuke him alone and then in front of two or three witnesses. If he doesn’t change, then you ought to avoid him. (Matthew 18:15‑17)

The best thing you can do for a brother or sister in Christ that is living like the world is to remove your fellowship from that person. By obeying God, you will protect yourself from being destroyed spiritually, and you will actually be helping the person turn back to God.

Devotional by Jim Scudder Jr.