Unfeigned love is the love 5-year-old Sammy had for his sister, Liza. Liza had been suffering from a serious disease, and she desperately needed a blood transfusion to survive. Sammy was the only one who could supply her with blood because they had the same blood type. The doctor explained the procedure as best as he could to little Sammy, and then he waited for Sammy’s response.

The 5-year-old hesitated; but when he saw his sister’s pale face as she lay in the hospital bed, he bit his lip and agreed to do the transfusion.

A nurse helped Sammy change into a hospital gown. Then she helped him climb into a hospital bed positioned right next to his sister. The procedure began. As blood was siphoned from Sammy’s body, his face became pale. He looked over at his sister and saw the rose color returning to her face. Feeling extremely weak, Sammy asked the doctor, “Does this mean I will have to die right away?” He thought the blood transfusion would require him to give his life to save his sister — and he still did it. That is unfeigned love.

As Sammy learned, loving others often requires sacrificial giving of ourselves. True love has no hidden agenda or secret motive. It counts the cost of giving, and it pays the amount in full. Nothing is withheld. It is pure; it is complete; it is sincere.

How much does love give? When Jesus loved the world, He stretched out His arms and died on a cross. What is your love giving to others? If you smile at people to their face and talk about them behind their back, then you know nothing of Calvary’s unfeigned love. If you use flattering words to knock people from the pedestal you have made for them, then yours is not unfeigned love.

Ask God to help you demonstrate His pure, unfeigned love to others today.

Devotional by Pastor Jim Scudder, Jr.