Whenever Rahab’s name was called, it was a painful reminder of what she had done. Everyone in Jericho knew her not just by her first name, but also by her occupation. She was “Rahab the harlot.”

But a series of events quickly changed everything in Rahab’s dishonorable life. One day, two Israelite spies ran into Rahab’s house to find shelter from the soldiers who were pursuing them. Rahab hid them, and they promised her that she and her family would be spared when Israel conquered the city.

The men kept their promise and spared Rahab and her family. Rahab eventually married one of the Israelites and became part of the bloodline of Christ. Her name is no longer “Rahab, the harlot,” but “Rahab, the great-great-grandmother of King David.” Her story proves that no matter how bad you are or what you’ve done, God can bring restoration and healing to your life.

You might have had a checkered past. You might have failed God and the people closest to you. You may have fallen so low you don’t think you can ever get back up again. But no matter what sins and mistakes are behind you, God has more than enough grace for you. He will not hold your past against you, even though people are slow to forgive. He loves you. He always has; He always will.

Are you discouraged because you have fallen short of your expectations and the expectations of others? Remember Rahab’s story. If God could take her life and put the broken pieces back together, then He can do the same for you. He doesn’t see you for what you were or what you’ve done. He sees you for who you will be. Don’t worry about what other people think. Don’t think about where you’ve been. Concentrate on where you’re going – God will help you get there.

Devotional by Dr. James A. Scudder